Pros and Cons of Web Based CRM Software

Before getting to the web based CRM software, a definition of the CRM software needs to be given. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. While it is paired with the term software, it is not really a software but a kind of business strategy usually implemented using computers to improve customer care and customer service.

Instead of using manpower to take care of customer relations, businesses use very intelligent software to take care of the things like marketing, sales, and customer services rolled into one seamless package. This is made possible through cloud computing models and other similar types of server packages your company can purchase. Store client information, data, and even the types of contracts and services you are providing them on a remote server online. Online CRM software is a proven method in monitoring and effecting sales from existing clients.

How Can CRM Software Help Businesses?

A web-based CRM does the basic process of a sale. It helps businesses look for prospects, to the process of actually making a sale. It have been programmed to help prospecting, hitting a client's qualifying leads, meeting your client, presenting quotations, closing the deal with the client, and following through with the service commitment that will eventually lead to a repurchase of your product or service.

The web-based CRM is based on a time-tested approach to marketing and sales in client retention. All good businesses value their existing clients, and the software helps agents to find new clients easier and retain these clients by monitoring their status on a quarterly basis for older clients. New clients that are availing the services of your company need to be contacted or visited once a week to make sure that they are satisfied with the service and the product you have sold to them. This also instills in them that you value them very much. In turn, you can be assured that these clients will refer you to their other business partners and will definitely make a repurchase in the future.

The web based CRM software has only one mission in your business growth, and that is to focus on your existing customers because they are the ones who deliver 80% of your business current revenues. Client satisfaction is always based on the quality and frequency of customer care they receive. Web based CRM software also helps you monitor dissatisfied clients. It will alert your business to the need to pacify these clients .

Limitations of the Web-Based CRM

Clients will always want to talk to REAL people as opposed to talking to computers, and this is where your online CRM software falls short. If you have dissatisfied clients, it is very important that they are able to release some of their dissatisfaction on real people, and they do this by expressing their disappointment and anger through your company representatives. They cannot do this online. If you rely too much on your online CRM software, do not be surprised when there sudden account terminations that happen.

Moreover, a web based CRM software cannot identify specific client concerns. Only an experience agent can identify the real concerns of clients, and turn these concerns into opportunities. Remember that all client concerns are problems that have solutions, and all solutions are opportunities for sales. If you cannot diagnose a concern correctly, you will not only lose an opportunity to sell your services, you will also lose a client.

Overall, the web based CRM software is very useful but has some limitations that need to be filled in with expert human knowledge and experience in account maintenance. Nothing can fully replace the skills and knowledge of a skilled sales agent and customer service officer.